Shannon created “The Sensations” competition team in 1995 with just six original members. We are now up to 64 members consisting of a Tiny group, Mini group, Junior group, Teen group, and Senior group. The group is selected to attend competitions and conventions around the south and to represent the studio. Each year the team gets bigger and better! This year we attended The Pulse in Atlanta, Platinum Dance in Chattanooga, Star Systems in Birmingham, and Showstoppers in Sevierville, TN. The sensations are the reigning 2012 “Best of the Beach” National Champions for their hip hop production Get Crunk. We will attend Nationals this summer in Panama City Beach, Florida. The group also performs at the Madison Street Festival and January Jubilee. Several members of the team are also members of their schools dance teams and cheerleading squads. We are always happy when one of our members is chosen for a school sponsored sport or activity. As you can see, we are proud of our team for working so hard and striving to be the best that they can be. 
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Teen Miss Platinum
Congratulation to Sarah Bryan for winning Teen Miss Platinum at Platinum Dance Competition in Chattanooga, TN on February 21, 2016. Out of 172 intermediate dances Sarah Bryan received top highest scoring intermediate routine of the whole competition.
Miss Auburn 2016
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Congratulations to Madison Rolling, Southern Sensations Dance Studio Alumni, for winning 2016 Miss Auburn. Madison ran on her "Clothing for Confidence" platform. She is a great role model for all our dancers, and couldn't be prouder!

Congratulations Madison! War Eagle!
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In10sity Challenge Award
 Congratulations to the SSDS Competition Team for recieving the In10sity Challenge Award! This award was presented on February 7, 2016 at the In10sity Dance Competition in Birmingham, AL to the studio with the highest average of their top 5 dances.

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